Classick Team-Up! #32: LET’S GO METS!! feat. @Agent_70 & @thelibraicon


Presented by The CSPN



Classick’s hometown baseball team, The New York Mets, are BACK in the World Series, and this is a cause for celebration here on the Team-Up! To join Classick in this podcast party, fellow Mets fans Dave Nappy (@Agent_70, @davenappy) & Dwayne (@thelibraicon) appear as this week’s guests to look back on the shocking NLCS, the past season, and the long, long road of “next years” that led to this triumphant return to the big stage. What’s it like to be a Mets fan? Press Play, and find out!

All this, plus an all-baseball edition of Name That Flick that’s sure to stump you!

Listen to Classick Team-Up: LET’S GO METS!! w/Agent 70 & thelibraicon here!


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