Album Review: “You Said” by Tumbler.


The story of Tumbler is a story of a fixed moment in time.  One man has a dream of making music and despite life making every attempt to stomp that dead, he perseveres.  The changes in life become not an extinguisher, but a fuel.  In their efforts to halt Richard Grace from fulfilling his quest the gods of pessimism unintentionally caused their own demise.  The trials produced families and friendships – connections which led to the creation of this album.  An album that must exist.  Despite everything that could go wrong “You Said” is here because someone needs it.  Maybe its the band, maybe its me, maybe its you reading this review.  Someone’s life will be forever changed by this record and that is why the fates finally aligned to birth it into this world.

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“Break or Fall” is being called the standout track and its hard to argue that logic.  Maybe this is the song destined for greatness.  It deserves to be.  A story of hope, of togetherness, of getting through it.  “Though its dark I can still read you.”  The deepest bonds we have – family, loves, friends – are with people who can see through the masks.  It may be hiding feelings, it may be drinking to create a false good mood, but those are the people who know us and help us even when we cant see ourselves.


While “Break or Fall” is a great song it did not have the effect “Rowan Tree” had upon me.  From the first syllable I was cast from my body.  Back to a previous life in the home country.  Vivid memories of a ramshackle cabin and rolling green hills of a place I’ve never been to enveloped me.  Never before have I noticed the effect that a well placed syllable can have.  The R’s and D’s within the first line, “Rowan tree red and gold”, lead into A sounds and it sounds like a distant cleansing storm.  I’m transported to that field, hearing the storm on the horizon, and knowing that all will be cleansed for the better.  S sounds come in later like lingering raindrops falling on my tattered cabin and I know when the mist clears all, including myself, will be reborn.

“London Girl” is an iconic love song that needs a new icon attached to it.  The next breakout most beautiful woman in the world needs this song to accompany her.  At first listen you’ll already be in love with the girl described within.  She only needs a face.  If the breakout moments had a soundtrack:  Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, Farrah Fawcett poster, Cindy Crawford drinking a Pepsi, Billie Piper showing up with guns and clad in leather – this would be the song the suitors sang.


There are many other wonderful tracks on this album.  Not once did I feel a song was out of place or a filler.  However by far the biggest addition to my life, a song only a parent could create and only a parent could appreciate is “Sleepy Bananas Are Cool”.  Its beyond beautiful.  It is the musical equivalent of watching your child sleep.  There are other children, other songs, but none is more perfect than this one.  Every time I listen to the song (over a dozen already) I want to gather up my son and sing this to him.  I want to wake him up just to lull him back to sleep.  He fights sleep so hard and I get it, the world is a very interesting place, but maybe with the help of Tumbler and their life changing music I can convince him to be a sleepy banana.

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  1. Crikey Kevin, you write words of wonder – what an elegy of a review. The thought of you waking up your son so you can sing him back to sleep again makes me smile. Thank you! Richard Grace/Tumbler

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