WWE Monday Night Raw Spoilers for 11/9/15.

The show is being taped in England tonight folks!  That means we have a full blown Stephanie Brown SPOILER ALERT!!!


Show opens with the WWE title on a table in the ring.  Triple H comes out to officially announce Seth Rollins’s injury and the tournament to crown a new champion.  Roman Reigns comes out and Triple H offers him the opportunity to be the new face of the Authority.  Roman says no.

Roman Reigns beats the Big Show to advance.

Kevin Owens beats Titus O’Neil to advance.

Becky Lynch pins Paige.  Paige attacks her after the match and hits PTO on a table.  Charlotte makes the save.

Dolph Ziggler beats The Miz to advance.

Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter cut an anti Europe promo.

Natalya beats Naomi.

Cesaro beat Sheamus to advance.  Wayne Rooney of Manchester United slaps King Barrett, which distracts Sheamus.

Dean Ambrose beats Tyler Breeze to advance.

The New Day beats Neville and The Usos.

Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family cut a promo.  Kane and The Undertaker come out.  Fight.  Kane and Undertaker stand tall.



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