FATHOM BLUE #5 Preview.

FathomBlue-05a-Lorenzana FathomBlue-05b-Pantalena FathomBlue-05c-Krome FathomBlue-05d-Oum


Vince Hernandez – Story / Claudio Avella – Art / Colors – Justice


Elia attempts to discover more of Eries’ past and his reasons for seeking the genocide of the Human race. However, their tenuous encounter could prove to undo the Blue’s existence altogether. Meanwhile, the team puts into motion their plan to extract the Grey Matter from The Rig but run into a fatal flaw in their plan of attack—one that could cost all of them their lives!


FATHOM BLUE #5 is in stores November 18th, 2015!


01-FathomBlue_05-Aspen 02-FathomBlue_05-Aspen 03-FathomBlue_05-Aspen


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