Sometimes two great talents meet and the combined creation is equal parts genius and madness.  It is even rarer to find both madmen within the same mind, but that is what Andy Evans shows the world within his lyrics and his guitar throughout the album “Miracle”.


When each aural personality is given a moment to shine the record borders on perfection.  “I Wish She Were Mine” is a life lesson in balance.  When Andy’s voice needs to shine the chords are more subdued.  Then when its time to take a breath the ax bursts with energy and a power just as strong as its vocal brother.

The most unpredictable song in the catalog is the title track, “Miracle”.  From the opening notes its impossible to categorize this song.  Is it rock? Funk? Maybe even folk? True to form Andy Evans and his guitar banter back and forth like friends at the bar.  While the miracle is “she said she loved me”, the guitar sounds like a supportive best friend holding back a “yeah but…” at the end of his praise.  This conversation makes every note and every word seem more important with every building measure.  Andy ends the song with neither words nor an instrument but a common ground between the two.

The only complaint about the album is the jarring dueling sounds of “Judas”.  While every other track has a perfect balance “Judas” sounds like a microphone and a guitar with complimentary cases of lead singer syndrome.  The lyrics are wonderful.  The guitar is possibly the best on the entire album but together they are less chocolate and peanut butter and more oil and water.  All of the potential is here, ripe for a different producer to take a pass at it.

Do not pass up on “Miracle” though.  Every bit of emotion and talent that Andy Evans puts out is a bond creating a new kindred spirit no matter where the listener is from.  The instant bond will have fans thinking of Andy as a hometown hero, and an artist to cheer along as his career only gets bigger.