Today it has come out that this Sunday’s Survivor Series is considered a possible site for an ISIS terrorist attack.  Many fans are scared to go and WWE plus local law enforcement are taking this threat seriously.

I say go.  Have fun.  Celebrate the new WWE champion.  Because the other option is a slippery slope.

Three of us went to WrestleMania in Toronto in 2002.  Mere months away from September 11th.  I remember waiting outside with thousands upon thousands of other people when we saw planes flying overhead.  Everyone got a little scared.  A little jumpy.  Looking around, finding an exit, calculating their odds for survival.

Then the planes would be out of our lines of sight and everyone calmed down.  It is Toronto after all.  A major city with a major and active airport.  There is bound to be hundreds of planes taking off and landing throughout the day every day.  When all was done we went inside and enjoyed the show, then went back to our home towns and countries.

Sunday night will be the same, and TLC, and the Royal Rumble and so on.  As will this weekends football games, concerts and more.

Living in fear that something might happen at an event, any event, is no way to live.

There will be another attack. There just will. Remember that the Paris attacks took place not only at a concert but also at a restaurant. If people are going to stay away from sports and concerts then they must also stay away from stores and cafés. This could happen anywhere from any person with an agenda. We still go to work and school and try to have fun. Do not live in fear. Enjoy life. 

Besides, WWE has overcome the threat of terrorism before.