The Chikara season finale hits Philly tomorrow night!

“Top Banana” is Tomorrow Night!

Hey CHIKARMY, it’s your pal Leonard F. Chikarason here, with a look at the complete card for tomorrow night’s Season 15 Finale in Philly! Here’s what’s in store…

Trios action will pit The Gentleman’s Club (Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak, Orange Cassidy) against the recently-reunited Batiri (Kobald, Obariyon, Kodama) in a first-time-ever confrontation! In a singles encounter, former partners in the “Nightmare Warriors,” Frightmare and Silver Ant explode! These two made for a lethal combination as a tag team, but we suspect they will make even better rivals!

The season-long “Challenge of the Immortals” round-robin saw Ophidian, Shynron and Argus really come together under the banner of The Snake Pit! But they’ve never been tested against the strange union of Battleborn (“Snowflake,” Lucas Calhoun, Missile Assault Man.) They lock up in trios action for the very 1st time tomorrow night! And the aforementioned “Challenge of the Immortals” reaches its climax as the 2 top point-earning teams go head-to-head in atomicos action: Princess KimberLee‘s Crown and Court of Jervis Cottonbelly and Los Ice Creams must face the most dominant stable in CHIKARA, The Wrecking Crew!

The Colony may face complete collapse tomorrow night, as Fire Ant and Soldier Ant at last meet, one-on-one! Plus, the 11th annual Torneo Cibernetico will see a squad captained by Dasher Hatfield, go up against an international array of stars under the leadership of Juan Francisco de Coronado! The Ecuadorian has drafted a diverse squad that features Mr. Azerbaijan, Prakash Sabar (the ex-Pakistani,) the Proletariat Boar of Moldova, Jakob Hammermeier, Pinkie Sanchez, Mr. Touchdown, and the true x-factor of the match, Japan’sWani.

The main event is history in the making – for the first time ever, the Grand Championship is up for grabs in a Triple Threat Match! And this match features all the remaining Gen-1 Originals on the CHIKARA roster: champHallowicked, and challengers Icarus and Eddie Kingston! In this rare instance, it is possible for the title to change hands without the champion being defeated, it’s anyone game! We polled a bunch of CHIKARA’s most seasoned veterans for their predictions in this all important match, and you can see what they had to say right here!

Join us live at the 2300 Arena tomorrow – tickets available online here!
(Same price at the door!)

CHIKARA: Top Banana
Saturday, December 5th, 2015 @ 7:00 p.m.
Live at the former ECW Arena/now 2300 Arena!
2300 S. Swanson St. :: Philadelphia, PA 19148
Order Advance Tickets

Upcoming Season 15 Tour Stops:

Philadelphia, PA


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