Damn that’s a lot of pictures!  To be honest, I think all of the pictures make this more important than it needs to be.  The Gingerbread are a pleasant different taste but one is enough.  Not even one pack of two.  One.  Half a pack.  Its a nice thing to pick up for any company that could be staying the night during the holidays.  Something easy to eat first thing in the morning.  This sounded a bit more walk of shame than I meant.

The Sugar Cookies though are amazing.  Don’t be shocked if you try to eat one and the whole box is gone.  They’re just fun.  Good, smile time fun.  The filling is awesome, the crust has some extra special thing to it that I cant describe.  Its what should be marketed all the time during Christmas much like pumpkin spice during Halloween.

The best though, by far the best, is the cartoons.  Oh my do I love the cartoons on here.  Cute little things and sayings that really aren’t that great of jokes but they make the entire experience of eating into an event.

Here’s a few for your chewing pleasure.  HA!

IMG_5578 IMG_5575 IMG_5576