The Podcast Dream Comes True – UnderScoopFire Podcast #???

For years I’ve been dreaming of appearing on the UnderScoopFire podcast.  The show has always been a day one download and listen.  Many of my closest writing friends were introduced to me via their appearances on the show.  I’ve written many articles for the site and always wanted to be brought into the fold.

Then word came down that the podcast was ending.  My moment was gone.  Much like I’ll never see ECW live or get my letter printed in Wizard magazine.  But wait.  From the Western end of this state came news.  One “lost” episode.  Not numbered.  Appearing as if by magic one day.  A super fan episode.  The ones who tolled the bells the hardest, both in celebration for a new episode and in sorrow when there were no more to listen to.  One more show.  Would I like to be on?

Of course!  This is the moment I’ve been waiting for.  Had to happen when I have the worst cold in years but dammit I’ll do damage to my throat for the glory that is UnderScoopFire.  (That may have not come out right.)

Join myself, Chad, Dean, John and our host Corey for this special episode.




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