While searching for Christmas gift ideas this season I found myself in the local Barnes and Noble.  Those tables all through the middle are there for a reason:  to get you to buy something you didn’t know existed until two minutes ago.  As a former Borders employee I remember many a display for new expensive books that led to an increase in sales for overpriced books that the buyers didn’t actually need.  But I am a collector.  All of the things I have cluttering up, I mean on display, in the house are there for a reason.  Some are childhood loves, some are new obsessions, some are there so I can say ha-ha I have this and you don’t!  Very few people understand that mentality.  Really, only fellow collectors can empathize.


Which is why when I saw this book, Dust & Grooves, on a prominent display I knew it had to come home with me.  A very reasonable but too rich for my blood $50 price tag said otherwise though.

You can buy the book here: http://www.amazon.com/Dust-Grooves-Adventures-Record-Collecting/dp/160774869X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1450068852&sr=8-1&keywords=dust+and+grooves

Now comes the yearly make a blog post about something awesome in hopes that a loved one sees this and buys it for me.  I don’t do this for everything.  There are plenty of comics, movies, toys and more that I don’t write about.  Then there are holy grails.  A book about collectors will always make that list.


There has always been something sexy about record collecting and collectors.  Comics and toy collectors have a very well known and poorly viewed stereotype.  Movie collectors range from Tarantino to failed film makers stuck working in the handful of video stores remaining.  But records.  Records, maybe because they are physical forms of sound, take on the mystique of those sounds.  The pain, the anger, and most of all – the sex.


Seeing rooms and shelves full of vinyl doesn’t look like hoarding.  It looks like pre planned foreplay.  Music to make love to.  Music to educate to make yourself more desirable.  Music to inspire and cause yourself to grow into a confident and desirable person.  These collectors are guides for journeys we’ve yet to take.  Check out this album.  Listen to this song.  When you need this it will be here for you.  Music has the potential to create focus in our lives and these collectors become holy men lighting the path.

I dream of getting my living arrangements and finances together enough to have a space like this for my own.  All of the things I enjoy in one beautiful space where I can become one with the universe and prepare myself for whatever may challenge me next.  This book becomes a travelogue as well.  Meditation through not only music but through the minutia as well.

Its time to take Dust & Grooves as my spirit animal and start combing the thrift shops of the area to plot my own awakening.