I am lucky to have a mother who understands my geeky self.  Maybe not understand, but accepts and tries to encourage.  Its possible that feigning an interest in sports or not dressing in t shirts could further my position in life.  But what would be the fun in any of that?  Instead of being mature, there is the more exciting version of myself that carries a bright green tankard full of iced coffee and a monkey shaped lunch pail.  Until now.

Check out these stocking stuffers and Christmas presents which will be featured with many lunches to come.







Sure there’s a bit of danger with the Man of Steel lunch bag.  I’m worried that the food will cause me to break someone’s neck.  To save Metropolis though, so its okay.  Also there is a great deal of temptation in using the Batman baggies to ship eBay items.

This could be a great way to eat healthier in 2016.  Pack lunch like a super hero, eat like a super hero.