This is one of my favorite Christmas presents this year.


I think I found out about this movie on the Cinestalker YouTube page.  He and his friend Shaun were looking for the bare bones DVD release of this documentary.  Thus I started to find it too, but all I could find was the big set with 10 classic Cannon films.  I told my wife “its okay, I only want the documentary”.

This was a ton of crap.  Sure the cheap version would have been acceptable so I could watch the movie right away.  Not the preference though.  I needed all ten of these movies.  Some are familiar, some are brand new, and some I will probably start watching and realize I saw it 20-25 years ago and long since forgot.

Masters of the Universe is a classic for any 80s child.  So many questions though.  Why create villains for a toy line that has a plethora of them?  Over the Top is possibly the Stallone movie I’ve watched the most.  Even more than Rocky III.  Its like a switch.  Back when I was a child watching the Rocky movies I tried to watch all of Sly’s flicks.  My parents rentred Cobra to see if it was child safe.  It was not.  But dammit I’m an adult now and its time to watch it!

There’s a good chance I’ve seen Missing in Action and forgotten all about it.  Same with Bloodsport and Delta Force.  Then there are Invasion USA, The Hitman and Hellbound.  I’m going into these movie with no knowledge and no expectations.  Well, one expectation.  To watch pure incredible cinematic trash.

I cant begin to express how much I’m looking forward to watching every bit of this set.  Any child of the 1980s should be equally excited.  For every child who walked through a video rental store and stared wide eyed at all of the shlock this is a must.  Get ready to raid a flea market afterwards for some of these classics and more on VHS.