Star Wars & My Hobbits (Spoilers Ahead!!)

Maybe my favorite thing that my friend Jason has ever written. I always dream of taking my son to see Star Wars but I never considered the emotional journey he will be taken on.

Nerdy Life of Mine

So before I start writing this story, I must state that there will be spoilers! So if you haven’t seen Star Wars yet, STOP reading and move along! I’ll give you a minute…………..

……….. *waiting*…………. Still here?

So after seeing Star Wars opening night with my wife and best friends. I wanted my little ones to see Star Wars and the fact they kept asking about it.. BUT.. I was torn on them seeing it, mostly my youngest. Because his top 5 characters in Star Wars goes as follows:

  1. Han Solo…..
  2. Boba Fett
  3. Darth Vader
  4. Luke Skywalker
  5. Chewy

*Spoiler* So after watching this movie and seeing one of my favorite hero’s Han Solo die. I knew my youngest might have some problems with this :(… So after a good week and half of thinking, I made up my mind and take them the movie. It was fun to watch them…

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