Why Do You Write?

To give a little background, I don’t write full time.  Yet.  5-6 days out of the week I head off to work and make money to support my family, pay bills, and all the other things that come up in life.  In my free time I try to get as many posts as I can written for this site and others.  One recent work day a co-worker was talking about her blog and I mentioned that I had one too.



“Why do you have a blog?”

Long time readers will know the answer.  I started posting about Cloverfield before the movie came out and we were all trying to figure out what on earth this movie would be about.  From there an audience grew so my posts expanded to comics, wrestling, and all other geek topics.  With hard work came an audience and with that audience came some attention.  The blog now receives review copies, makes money, and has been the cause of life changing events.  That’s why I have a blog.

However, with more thought I realized that that was not what I was being asked.  The real question was:

Why do you have a blog?

You.  The inflection has caused me to lay awake at night.  Not since High Fidelity has a three letter word starting in Y led to so much debate.  You.

So now to present my top three reasons for having a blog.

One, Need.

I need to write.  Since dedicating myself to writing in 2006 (hey wow, ten years this year) the happiest I have been is when I can write the most.  Writing is an itch, an outlet, that cannot be understood by non writers.  Its a release that some get by drugs or sex or adrenaline.  I get it by posting articles and thoughts.  When life gets too complicated to write my self esteem plummets.

Two, Money.

If there is one thing my employment history has taught me its that the only person you can trust is yourself.  Companies will fire employees or shut down branches with no notice.  Supervisors frequently know more than they let on but keep quiet to protect their own jobs.  Those below you would betray any bonds in an instant if it meant the possibility of bettering their station.  However this is just me and a computer.  Deadlines exist. Work pays somewhere between profitable and “for exposure”.  In the end though its just me.  The internet isn’t going to outsource en masse. The home row keys wont decide to hire someone else’s fingers for a lesser wage.  Stores come and go.  Offices rise and fall.  As long as I have fingers and eyes I can do this and support my family.

Three, Immortality.

Fact is, there is an end for all of us.  When was the last time you visited a cemetery?  But when was the last time you read the words of someone long passed?  There is an immortality to writing.  I’m not saying I have written something immortal yet.  But I’m trying.  Some things have been funny.  Some interesting.  Some got a lot of attention.  I wrote a story for a graphic novel.  More of that will come this year.  Much more in my lifetime.  While headstones go unattended and the fields quiet my words will be lurking on book shelves around the world waiting for old friends and new discoveries.

And that, that is why I have a blog.



  1. Reblogged this on Nerdy Life of Mine and commented:
    I get asked this question a few times over the years. I’m still thinking of the answers really. But with this post, it got me thinking more in depth on why Nerdy Life Of Mine is around. I’ll have to write a post on why and the history.

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