The Force Awakens and Wants Breakfast. Take Notes.

Really it’s just an excuse to post the Star Wars themed Golden Grahams box. 

It’s just the same cereal inside. No special sprinkles or shapes. 

It did however come with a Stormtrooper pen. It writes as well as it shoots. 

That’s not really the point though is it? The point is to get a prize inside cereal. A rarer and rarer occurrence. Maybe once a year I see a toy offer. Long gone are the golden days of toys. 


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  1. It’s funny because we were just talking about that.. How they don’t put prizes in cereals anymore.. you have to send off for them or scan some bar code now a days. I remember as a Kid I would dump out the whole box and get the toy inside.. Then having to put the cereal back in hahaha. Man that drove my parents nuts.

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