I blame the Collecting Candy site for this. Packaging used to be so disposable. Then I came upon that site and saw all the research that has been done. Now I take pictures all the time, along with millions of others. Really the secret would be to find some abandoned store and take pictures of all their merchandise. 

Back to the Avengers. 

I can’t treat Gogurt as real food. Or even a snack. It is an alright tasting dairy and protein tube delivery system. That came out worse than intended. 

Gogurt is great for a few more calories as part of a meal. I think it tastes horrible frozen. Not a taste I want to linger. 

Throw comic book packaging on an item and you have yourself a sale!  Pretty good art and some fun facts too. There are tastier lunch items but few match up to the fun. In fact there’s been lots of entertaining Gogurt packs over the years. 

Worst part of typing all this is I’m tempted to go out and buy a new box. Do they make Gogurt smoothies?