Marco: Well, Debbie thinks this is all about her biological clock.

Stormy: She stopped screaming enough to tell you that?

Marco: No no no no, the other Debbie. Debbie the teacher.

Stormy: Oh, you mean… black Debbie.

Sparks: Woah woah woah, why is she… black Debbie?

Stormy: Not in a bad way, it’s just to tell them apart because she’s… black.

Sparks: Well, why don’t you call her Debbie, and call the other one… white Debbie.

Stormy: White Debbie? That’s stupid! I know she’s white.

Marco: Then why do you call the other Debbie “black Debbie?” You know she’s black!

Stormy: Hey, first off, I really don’t think we should be talking about this in front of Dr. Quinn.

Quinn: Listen man, you’re missing the point. What if everybody went around calling you “white Stormy?”

Stormy: You mean there’s a black Stormy?

Quinn: … No.