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Welcome back to The Baker-Bone & Rome Bad Advice Show!

This week, Gordon & Cerrome are both recording from the road, with Bad Advice on:

  • BAS iTuneslogoTrap cast
  • Period podcast
  • On the road
  • English muffins
  • The joy of steak & eggs
  • Doctor Semen, DDS
  • Gordon wins the Powerball
  • Most expensive babies
  • The forgotten ugly
  • Affluenza
  • El Chapo & Sean the Penn
  • Columbus Short marries Superhead
  • Bad News Classick
  • Minister Gordon

The DeceptiComics will be LIVE in D.C. on Feb. 12th at Bier Baron!
Visit to reserve your tickets now!

Warning: Any advice given on this show is guaranteed to be bad and should only be followed at your own risk. Whether or not you follow it, chances are you’ll hear about it from your auntie at the next family gathering.

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