That is probably not the movie poster tag line for Savannah Smiles. This 1980s classic is now in my personal collection thanks to a recent thrifting find. 


I do remember loving this movie as a child. I’m guessing it played on HBO a lot. Now I dread watching it. As an adult and as a parent I’m sure certain scenes won’t seem as wholesome. 

Now I don’t think Boots and Alfie hurt Savannah in any way. Nor do I think there’s even dialogue with double entendree. But I do think these are at least career criminals with more closet skeletons than brain cells. (There’s a much better brain cells vs prison cells joke in there somewhere.) 

Why would they break out of jail just before parole?  Sounds like a man with no way out. Either he thought parole would be turned down. Or he has enemies inside who were going to take him out. 

Those same enemies don’t take kindly to kidnappers. Horrible violent acts are mere true stories your neighbor tells you in prison. But touch a child and your days are numbered. There is no way these two escaped felons convince anyone of their noble intentions. “Hey Boots, how many times did you touch that little girl?”  None! In fact we even got her a puppy! 

To blend fantasy and reality a bit; it doesn’t help any that the child actress died young due to a heroin overdose. After a long kidnapping though it’s understandable for a person to turn to drugs. 

Then there’s the Senator father. What a scandal. However what a perfect political platform. Three strikes and you’re out. Prison construction. This runaway daughter is a gold mine.