Eternal Soulfire #6 Preview from Aspen Comics.

Eternal_Soulfire-06a-Konat Eternal_Soulfire-06b-Qualano Eternal_Soulfire-06c-Val-Oum



JT Krul – Story / Alex Konat – Art / JUANCHOo – Colors


Miya is determined to revive the spirit of her murdered father, but at what cost? Don’t miss the climax to this pulse-pounding sixth volume of Michael Turner’s flagship series!


The first all new Soulfire series to make its debut since Michael Turner introduced you to his incredible magical adventure over 10 years ago, is ready to take you on the ride of your life and explore the world of Soulfire as you’ve never seen it before!


ETERNAL SOULFIRE #6 is in stores February 17th, 2015!


01_EtrnlSoulfire_06-Aspen 02_EtrnlSoulfire_06-Aspen 03_EtrnlSoulfire_06-Aspen


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