Check out Classick’s guest appearance on The Unscripted Podcast! The TriviaCast!!


Over the weekend, I was honored to appear on one of my favorite podcasts going today, The Unscripted Podcast! Hosted by a number of women with lovely voices from the Louisville, Kentucky area, Unscripted Podcast has for the past year brought the funny with movie and food reviews, politics, comedy, social issues, current events, pop culture, and trivia– all in a show and sound that is uniquely their own.


In this episode, I go head-to-head with Unscripted regular contributor Teddy, host of his own “The Why Not” podcast, in a test of wits, skills and movie quotes knowledge known as Unscripted’s “TriviaCast”. Without giving away the ending, I can say that this was a lot of fun. I know you’ll enjoy it!

Click Here or Press Play below to hear the show!

Huge thanks to Lish (@Alyssia2777) & Lindsey (@Ms_CocoaCarter) for having me on the…

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