CSPN presents Know the Score: Super Bowl Sunday, Pts. 1 & 2


Welcome back to CSPN’s Know the Score !


In this week’s Super Bowl-sized two-part episode, we welcome guest panelist David Steele of The Sporting News Network to the show to discuss his latest column about Johnny Manziel’s legal trouble.

Also discussed in Part One: RG3’s next stop, Roger Goodell’s press conference, CTE, Outrageous comments by Rodney Harrison and Bill Romanowski, Friday Night Tykes, Calvin Johnson’s retirement & Media coverage of Cam Newton.

In Part Two: we discuss the Pro football Hall of Fame voting process & of course our predictions/picks for the big game, Super Bowl 50! All of this, plus our nominees for the weekly #KTSPod awards.

What are your picks for Play of the Week, Ride the Pine, & Score of the Week?
Vote in the polls below!

Also joining the show are regular panelist Don Delarente (@DonDelarente).

This week’s…

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