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Nerdy Life of Mine

1: Say Hello to the Neighbors

There are a number of blogs that I follow that helped me find the path I wanted to take. Just didn’t know how haha.

Pretty Random actually. Love nostalgia-diving in places like Goodwill, antique stores, and yard-sales. Getting more bold about letting my Geek-Flag fly in all aspects of my life.

Hi my name is Tony and thanks for visiting my site. While working on a recent project about comic books, I started reflecting on how the cultural perceptions of nerds have changed over the past couple of decades. While this very special demographic (which I proudly identify with) is still largely misunderstood, it is more mainstream than ever due to the rise in technology, the popularity of superhero movies, and the explosion of the video game industry…….

Hello, my name is Sean Ian Mills, and I am a self-proclaimed geek, nerd…

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