Chikara entrance themes aplenty today!

Volume 4 on iTunes & Google Play Today!

Available via online distributors right now, it’s “CHIKARA Themes, Volume 4,” and it has 13 never-before-released entrance songs, each by the original artists! Whether you use, Google Play or theiTunes store to stream/download music, we’ve got an option for you! And take a look at the complete track listing:
1. “Never Wake Up” (Nightmare Warriors Theme)
2. “Dark Clouds Over Estonia” (ThunderFrog Theme)
3. “From the Sea” (Wani Theme)
4. “Into Battle” (Oleg the Usurper Theme)
5. “Gekko-Roman” (Argus Theme)
6. “Falling” (Snowflake Theme)
7. “That Ol’ Juke Joint” (Lucas Calhoun Theme)
8. “Crab Legs” (Hermit Crab Theme)
9. “Fight for your Life” (Punk Rock All-Stars Theme)
10. “To Serve and Protect” (Officer Warren Barksdale Theme)
11. “Too Sweet” (Bullet Club Theme from King of Trios 2015)
12. “Volemos!” (Team AAA Theme from King of Trios 2015)
13. “The New Regime” (Princess KimberLee Theme)

Own it today:
iTunes link –
Google Play link –
Amazon link –

CHIKARA: Phone Home
Saturday, April 2nd, 2016 @ 2:00 pm
Live at the Wrestle Factory!
4711 Wingate Street :: Philadelphia, PA 19136
Season 16 tour info here!

Upcoming Season 16 Tour Stops:
Philadelphia, PA
Pittston, PA
Manchester, UK
Glasgow, UK
Toronto, ON

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