Its time for another installment in the over analyzing of classic 1980’s animated feature, The Chipmunk Adventure.


Today, let’s take a look at some of the inappropriate and too mature ways that the Chipettes are portrayed over the course of the movie.

First of all, the age of the Chipettes needs to be established.  I feel that any fan of Chipmunk lore can agree that all six of the humanoid rodents are under 18. How under is the question.  Alvin and Brittany definitely have an interest in the opposite sex.  Dates and parties are often used as plot devices.  However, and yes this is a kids cartoon, there is never any discussion of sex or really anything more than a kiss.  Most of the time not even on the lips.  Therefore my guess is around 12-14 years old for all of the tree dwellers.  The girls are in that between stage where they are too young to know or understand what sex is but are absolutely boy crazy and don’t know why.

Yet this does not hold the animators back from numerous bare bellies and upskirt scenes throughout the movie.  As this is animated there is really no excuse for this.  Its not an accidental camera shot.  No Basic Instinct here.  They’re not jailbait, they’re just drawn that way.

Not only do the girls have skimpy belly showing outfits on from Egypt all the way to the frigid Antarctica…


They also expose their bloomers on ancient ruins…


Channel some post apocalyptic, tattered, fur showing fashions…


Oh, and lets not forget the bikini scene.


If this was the Spice Girls, or the Go-Gos it would be considered fan service.  I mean its not like the lead Chipette gave the camera a bedroom eyes look much like lead singer of the Bangles, Susanna Hoffs.





Son of a!

Now, maybe I’m being too picky.  Seeing things that aren’t there.  Take the up skirts for example.  Its not like the Chipettes were singled out.  I mean, I’m sure if the Chipmunks were wearing a skirt or skirt type clothing Alvin, Simon and Theodore would have their Underoos showing once or twice in the movie.



Double standards!

What is happening here?!  They’re just kids!  Not even kids, drawing of kids.  Not even drawings of kids, drawings of teenage city dwelling mammals!

Alright, I’ve calmed down.  Its playful.  Its cute. Its not like there was some phallic aspect to this.  They didn’t do anything crazy and sexual.  Something crazy like, I don’t know, a huge snake writing between one of the girls’s legs.



To make this even worse, the girls are singing “Gettin’ Lucky” during this snake charming dance.  While some references to sex are more subtle than others, “getting lucky” has been a well known euphemism from long before the Chipmunks existed.

Honey you’re a sweet thing,
and you look so fine
All I ever wanted
is to make you mine

Give me a clue
Tell me what I need to do
to get lucky with you

Boy I really love you
with my heart and soul
Honey won’t you take me
Where I want to go


Getting lucky
whoo, getting lucky
It’s really what it’s all about
Getting lucky, mmm getting lucky
It’s something I can’t do without

Honey I’ve been waiting,
waiting patiently
Let me unlock your heart boy
I think I got the key

[Chorus x4]

Oh honey, honey
Give me a clue
wontcha tell me what I need to do
To get lucky with you


Its a cute song and when I was a child I didn’t see anything wrong or sexual with the song at all.  But its also not that subtle or clever.  I think its the “mmm” that pushes it over from cute kids song to the Chipettes trying to get some.

It could be worse.  Its not like near 30 years later when we all know better, the Chipettes came out in only towels talking about shaking their tails.  Right?  Right?