It’s been awhile since we last spoke. 

And thus is gonna sound like a bad joke. 

But America we fucked it up again. 

And elected a member of the Klan. 

And I know it sounds so cold. 

But equal rights is in a chokehold. 

It’s looking easier to give in. 

Say towel head unless American flag is wavin. 

I mean he grabs women by the cakes. 

And mocks reporters with the shakes. 

If that ain’t hate then I don’t know what hate is. 

We gotta create a secret handshake. 

And love the art that the banned will make. 

I know I’m young but he’s orange as the sun. 

I’ll be putting first amendment before the gun. 

Take a look at our president. 

He’s the only one we got. 

Not much of a president. 

Four years will hurt a lot.