I’ve had a hell of a day. One of those delightful ones in which I decided early on that as soon as my commitments for the day are over, I will be home and in pajamas. Please world, do not ask any more of me today. Some days one wonders if previous generations dealt with things better. What were there messages of hope and coping?

Oh. Oh of course. Thank you humanoid grasshopper and the Walt Disney company. There is nothing more evil than knowing your worth and switching jobs in order to make the most money for yourself and your family. Don’t be like the aloof grasshopper. Keep your head low and your thorax to the ground like the ants planning for winter.

I might be mixing up my fables. I should know better. An anthropomorphic sheep named Aesop requested I not be a myth jumper.

(Captain Marvel, Batman, and more forthcoming.)