That’s Sad Pig.

My son has recently discovered the world of Peppa Pig. Fully expect a series of posts over analyzing the cartoon at some point. But for now we’ve been looking at the merchandise. Getting the toys and DVDs and the like. Which led to this discovery.  That is one sad looking pig. That is a pig…

They’ve Gone Too Far.

I’m all for Playboy having a fashion line. Playboy has always been more than a magazine. Hustler is fine too. Anything for a buck. But this. This may be too far down the pornography and fashion mix.  I had no idea Celebrity Pink magazine still existed. I mean ever existed. Yeah. 

What a Deal!

All I have to do is buy 11 bottles and I get one free? I was only planning on buying one 2 liter, two tops. But with savings like these I guess a dozen huge bottles is just what I need. Now to make room in the fridge.