Comic Movie’s First Easter Egg?

Most searches for “Easter eggs” today brought up movie trailers. It’s funny that now we just expect winks and nods to a bigger universe. But it wasn’t always that way. In fact it wasn’t that long ago that we went years without any super hero movies.  Which brought me back to remembering the crazy mark…


Keep Going.

Giving up is easy. Working for your dreams and putting everything into it: that’s hard. Turn everyone who said you can’t do it into someone who says show me how you do it. 

L Ron Overrun.

How did this happen? This is at the local Catholic thrift shop. The founder of Scientology has an entire shelf. I could see one copy each of many of his books. But this is multiples of one title. Not even a popular title either. I’m curious how this happened and will be creating an elaborate…