Countdown to Halloween 2015. Care Bears.

Yeah that’s right.  Care Bears. I said it.  Perhaps I should give an explanation. I was a wuss when I was younger.  Scared by everything.  Avoiding things most of the time but damn if scary things didn’t reach out to me in an attempt to pull me to the dark side.  It worked eventually!  As…

Jem and the Holograms Trailer Kills All Hopes.

Its bad, its really bad. First off, everything you love about Jem is gone.  No computer, no transformations, no Misfits, no warring bands, no ridiculous adventures.  All this movie will have in common with the loved cartoon is the name. Speaking of the name, this movie would still be horrible but it would at least…

First Picture of the Suicide Squad.

Here they are: Honestly, I’m disappointed.  Harley Quinn has been created and altered and changed a hundred times over by now.  All of which keep certain things about her look and all of which work.  This seems lazy.  This Harley looks more like Tank Girl than Harley. Katana however looks amazing.

Ben Affleck as Batman Revealed.

I want to keep an open mind about this movie but its tough.  This is Dark Knight Returns Batman to be sure.  With extra darkness.  I fear in taking inspiration from Frank Miller the Batman v Superman team went more Holy Terror and less DKR.